Pericles Law Center in Moscow and

Widener University Delaware Law School present

Master of Jurisprudence in Corporate Law


Moscow-based Pericles Law Center has just teamed up with the Widener University Delaware Law School in the USA to offer a ten-month M.J. program that will help you function more efficiently and successfully in your career.
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As a program participant, you will study for eight months at Pericles’s Moscow campus during the fall and spring terms, continuing in the summer or fall at Delaware’s Wilmington campus. Upon graduation, you will receive dual Master of Jurisprudence degrees from Pericles and from Delaware.

The program is designed specifically for attorneys and managers whose native language is not English and who hold a degree in economics, business, finance, or law from a university in Russia, other CIS countries, or Eastern Europe.
M.J. Program Highlights
Receive Dual Master of Jurisprudence degrees from Pericles and from Delaware.
  • 1
    Two semesters (six to eight months) part-time in Moscow - M.J. in American Corporate Law
    During fall/spring semesters, you will focus on core courses in U.S. law, legal research and writing, which will ground you in common law doctrine. You will learn to think analytically and to communicate concisely by researching regulations, laws, and judicial decisions, and by making legal analysis and drafting case briefs. You will also have the option of practical skills courses such as contract drafting, M&A, negotiations, and others. You will earn 15 credits at Pericles in Moscow, and you can take these classes on a part-time basis and either remotely or in person.
  • 2
    Summer or fall term (eight to 16 weeks) full-time in Delaware - M.J. in Corporate & Business Law
    During your term in the USA, you will continue mastering the skills that you acquired at Pericles. You will study business principles and advanced concepts of Delaware corporate law. Delaware offers in-depth courses in your area of interest, and the instruction takes place on the Wilmington campus or remotely as you prefer. Courses are full-time. You will earn another 15 credits at Delaware to total 30 credits to qualify for the Master of Jurisprudence degree.

    Besides the General MJ program students at Delaware can choose different MJ programs with a concentration in: Regulatory Analysis & Compliance, Global Financial and Cyber Crimes.
  • 3
    Individual Mentorship
    You will have access to a mentor who will work with you individually during the entire program of study.
  • 4
    All instruction is entirely in English
    Throughout your studies you will constantly improve your legal English, paying close attention to your written and oral communication, as well as your professional reading, listening, and note-taking skills.
  • 5
    Option of taking credits online
    While at Pericles, you can also take optional classes from Delaware Law School and then go to Delaware to complete the entire MJ program. You have the option of take courses online from both Pericles and Delaware, and blending your studies taking classes at both campuses at the same time.
  • 6
    We are all about Flexibility
    If you already have the skills or background envisioned in particular required courses, we can help you substitute courses that are closer to your interests. And if you prefer to start in the Spring or Summer, attend some of your courses at Delaware while still studying at Pericles, or switch back and forth between Delaware and Moscow, that's fine too. Within the broad parameters of the dual degrees, our advisors will work with you to help you structure the program you need.


30 credits in total. 15 credits are required at Pericles, another 15 credits are required at Delaware.

Students take required courses

3 courses (7 credits) at Pericles.

  • Intro to US law
  • Legal Writing I
  • Legal Research

2 courses (4 credits) at Delaware

  • Business Principles
  • Advanced Concepts in Corporate law

4 courses (14 credits) at either Pericles or Delaware

  • Contract Law
  • Business Organizations
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Securities Regulation

Elective courses

5 credits at either Pericles or Delaware

Potential Elective courses at Pericles
MJ in Corporate Law
Students choose 1-2 courses to complete a total of 15 credits.
Not all courses are offered every semester.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (2 credits)
  • International Negotiations for Lawyers (2 credits)
  • Contract Drafting (2 credits)
  • Intellectual Property (3 credits)
  • White Collar Crime (3 credits)
  • Commercial Law (3 credits)
  • International Business Transactions (3 credits)
  • International Commercial Arbitration (3 credits)
  • Global Compliance (1 credit)
  • Global Legal Counsel (1 credit)
  • Economic Sanctions (1 credit)
  • International Franchising (1 credit)
Potential Elective courses at Delaware
MJ in Corporate Law
Students choose 1-3 courses to complete a total of 15 credits.
Not all courses are offered every semester.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (2 credits)
  • Corporate Finance (2 credits)
  • Federal Business Regulations (2 credits)
  • Sales and Leases (3 credits)
  • Administrative Law (2 credits)
  • Secured Transactions (2 credits)
  • Regulatory Compliance and & Ethics (3 credits online)
  • International Money Laundering and Corruption (3 credits online)
  • Effective Investigations (3 credits online)
  • Digital Law, Cybersecurity and Privacy (3 credits online)
  • Principles of Financial Fraud (3 credits online)
Students choose 1-3 courses to complete a total of 15 credits.
Not all courses are offered every semester.

  • Сorporate Compliance Rules & Standards
  • Corporate Compliance and Ethics
  • Auditing & Monitoring
  • Corporate Deviance
*Become a Certified Compliance Professional. Eligible students can seek the further credential of becoming a Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional (CCEP) or Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC). Read more
Students choose 1-3 courses to complete a total of 15 credits.
Not all courses are offered every semester.

  • Ethics and Compliance Fundamentals and the Profession
  • Anti-Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing
  • Financial Crime and Fraud in the Age of Cybersecurity
  • Financial Crimes Penalties and Tax
**This program, will also support preparation for the ACAMS (Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists) and ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) exams. Read more
Pericles Law Center
34, Marksistskaya Street, Building 7 (MIRBIS)
Moscow 109147, Russian Federation
Tel 7 (495) 649-2273

Moscow is an exciting world capital with a young and thriving population and a dynamic international business & legal environment. The city is known for much more than its incredible Kremlin. It's the home to world class restaurants & nigh life theatre, fashion, and parks. As business has become more and more globalized, Russian lawyers and managers have had to acquire a solid grasp of Western law and legal reasoning. Pericles Law Center provides that knowledge.

Pericles Law Center's Moscow-based legal education programs are taught entirely in English by Western professors and practicing lawyers who themselves are native speakers of English. Courses are offered in the evenings, which lets you continue working while simultaneously pursuing your degree.

The Pericles/Delaware dual Master of Jurisprudence degree is unique: no other law school in Russia offers a corporate law program taught exclusively in English by US legal professors. Pericles has been on the Russian market for over 20 years. Russian law firms not only know and endorse Pericles, but also hire its graduates.
Welcome to the Pericles campus!

Delaware Law School
4601 Concord Pike
Wilmington, DE 19803-0406
Admissions: (302) 477-2703
Main: (302) 477-2100

With over one million companies incorporated in Delaware, there is no better place to pursue a second degree in law than at Widener University Delaware Law School. Our location in Wilmingtonoften described to as the “Corporate Capital of America”gives students a front-row seat to courts and law firms on the leading edge of business law.

Delaware Law Is Home to the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law.
The Delaware Journal of Corporate Law is ranked #1 among student-edited journals for its case citations in federal and state court opinions under "Corporations and Associations" and "Commercial Law," and #2 among student-edited print journals for its citations in "Corporations and Associations." Learn more about the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law.

At Delaware, students will have opportunities to visit court proceedings, attend talks by special guest lecturers, and participate in the many social events sponsored by the law school.

With conveniently located dormitories on campus, students are close to classrooms, the law library, and other school facilities, and can easily interact with classmates.
· On-campus exercise facilities.
· Multiple restaurants, retail stores, movie theaters, and shopping malls within walking
· Fifteen minutes to the Wilmington train station.

Master's program to empower the lawyer in you

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“What I learned is not a bare knowledge of American and European law or legal terminology. It is that ability to think analytically and system-wide, the way of looking at things: conducting research, spotting issues, assessing risks, finding solutions. This is what law firms look for in job applicants. I thank Pericles for the invaluable skills they taught me.”
Anton Maltsev, Pericles LL.M. Graduate
“When I started the LL.M. program, I was still a student. By the time I graduated, I was already a legal assistant at a major international law firm. I am not afraid that my career will stop progressing because the skills and knowledge I received at Pericles form a solid foundation for my further self-development.”
Maria Kosova, Pericles LL.M. Graduate
I am grateful to Pericles for all my professional achievements. I used to dream about moving to Moscow, and Pericles granted me this chance. I used to dream about practicing international trade law, and I was hired by the Pericles’ alumnus to work in the international practice of the largest Russian IT-distributor. I used to dream to get into international arbitration community, and another Pericles’ alumnus hired me to the international arbitration practice of the top Russian law firm. Pericles is ready to fulfill your dreams. To allow Pericles to do that, you need just to work hard and keep you mind opened.
Stepan Sultanov, Pericles LL.M. Graduate

How to Apply?
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Take the online Admission Exam
This tests your proficiency in English.
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Admission Requirements
For admission to the Pericles / Delaware MJ program, you must submit the following:

  1. Completed application form.
  2. Application fee - 3000 rubles.
  3. Proof of having received a degree in law, business, economics, or finance from a qualifying law university/school.
  4. Transcripts.
  5. Personal statement.
  6. Two personal recommendations or contacts for recommendations.
  7. English proficiency test score. (All applicants must demonstrate an English proficiency score on one of the following tests: at least 83 on TOEFL, 6.6 on IELTS, or 70 on the Pericles Entrance exam.) English proficiency test scores must be dated no earlier than two years prior to the date of application.
Admissions Information
Application Deadlines
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for matriculation no closer than one month before the start of classes for that semester or summer term.
Visa Support
Visa requirements might require earlier applications for those students wishing to study in person and not resident in Russia or the U.S.A.
Tuition Price*
Tuition cost is $17000 USD for the entire dual degree program. The application fee is 3000 rubles.
* Additional fees and expenses can run from approximately $500 USD for those intending to study online up to about $15,000 USD including housing and travel for those needing to travel and rent housing in both Moscow and Delaware. Students already in Moscow but intending to travel to Delaware can expect about $8000 in fees and expenses, including housing and travel costs.


“Widener University Delaware Law School maintains your application on its servers in Delaware, but the original is maintained in Russia as required by Russian law. Your grades and academic records at Delaware are maintained in Delaware, in accordance with the U.S. FERPA (Federal Educational Records Privacy Act)."

According to Russian Law, Pericles maintains student records, including, but not limited to, email addresses, telephone numbers, personal and work addresses, written work submitted for courses, and grading information on a web server located within the Russian Federation. This information is not transferred outside the Russian Federation, although it may be accessed by the applicable professors and students from outside the Russian Federation. The description of the data privacy policy is available at the Pericles web site. Please check it by clicking here before you submit your information.

By sending a request or registering an account on our website or applying for a course, you consent to your use of your personal data according to these policies.

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